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Our #1 Focus is Generating Leads

Without traffic to a store or website, no business can operate, let alone thrive. Traffic is the number one factor that will have the biggest impact on your sales and ROI. We studied, experimented, and carefully crafted the skills of SEO that we now have extensive knowledge of what works best for your business; whether it be local, affiliate, or national-wide business. What we specialize is driving relevant traffic to your website with your sales and ROI in mind. Search Engine Optimization will also inevitably increase site usability as well as your brand awareness in the world of internet. Search engines like Google are constantly looking for the best content for the searchers and an user-friendly interface that people like to browse on the internet. If your website is not easy to read, or not mobile-friendly, chances are pretty slim that it will show up in the search results on the popular keyword. 

We like to call SEO a treasure map that leads our clients directly to their goldmine.

We help you so you can own your digital real estate that generates $ in your pocket.

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Social-Powered WiFi

Grow Social Media Automatically

Chances are, you’ve never heard of this thing: Social Powered WiFi  (and it isn’t just about the WiFi 🙂 )

Forget online marketing as you know it, or paying thousands of dollars for outsourcing, or doing a hefty amount of work to get leads with no results.

With our WiFi Platform, your customers are connecting with their social media account, you automatically get their valid email addresses, age, sex, ethnicity, social patterns, and much more.

This means you can know and track exactly who your customers are!

While big businesses have been huge on implementing this kind of thing, smaller businesses haven’t really seen it coming.

This is POWERFUL stuff right here.  And this is the time to jump on this opportunity before the masses get in on it.

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Web Design

Website is Essential to Your Business

If you have a business but don’t have a running website, you are leaving a goldmine on the table. A website can be the starting point of your business growth, and if you do it right, opportunities are endless. 

A website is a relatively cost-effective way to present your product and service to your customers. It is accessible to everyone around the clock. If your customer wants something on the spot, he/she will check it online, and buy the product where it is easily accessible- or at least learn about the product and service to buy later. A well-organized/convenient website that provides value to the visitors is obviously going to gain credibility. And that credibility leads to sales. 

We build websites with your sales and marketing in mind. We work with you to learn about your business and goals to create your digital real estate where it’s going to make you money over time and time. 

You see, a website is an essential investment that your business needs in order to grow your business the way you want. 

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 “In today’s world, your website is not only your business card;
it’s also your portfolio and your store

We build your online presence on a strong foundation,
it becomes a piece of digital real estate that produces income!”

SEO Vancouver | Goldmine Internet Marketing Co.
SEO Vancouver | Goldmine Internet Marketing Co.

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This Digital Age Isn’t Something To Be Ignored. 

Take a look around.
Who doesn’t use a smart phone, a computer, or a tablet?
How do people find stuff?
These days, people find things on the Internet, using one of those devices, period.
This is where SEO Vancouver comes in. Ranking your website above your competitors..!
And yet, for some strange reason, many businesses think that online marketing probably isn’t worth it.
They often think that they already have a good amount of customers or online marketing isn’t going to add much value to their business.
Or, they sometimes even ignore this “internet thing” as a whole.

Well, the truth is, a proper online marketing can literally skyrocket your business because digital marketing is by far the #1 way to transform a good business into a great one.
Imagine your business being ranked on Google’s page 1 (or perhaps #1).
Imagine your business having thousands of sales leads that grow every single day.
Imagine your business being well known and respected in the world of Internet. 

This is the power of SEO, Search Engine Optimization
The digital world is where there is no limit to what your business can be!

“This internet thing” is like a goldmine.  It’s a digital real estate where it’s got so much potential.
But it’s locked up inside. 
We dig and build digital real estates for our clients.
Taking our clients’ online presence to the next level is our core mission. 
That’s what we do, and we care about what we do for our clients. – that’s the bottom line.
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We help you get set up and get going in an affordable way so you can start building online presence NOW!